Greenhouse gas reduction and macro-economic simulation models


The Climate Strategies Tool (ClimStrat) of Fraunhofer ISI analyses greenhouse gas reduction targets on a global level in an uncomplicated and flexible way. With the help of a partial equilibrium approach, different target types, base years and, if necessary, the use of offsetting rules for target achievement are examined for up to 137 countries. The core results of the analyses are the ecological and economic impact of target systems with possible consideration of emissions trading between countries.

Macro-economic level

At the macro level, Fraunhofer ISI examines the effects of the transformation of the energy system on employment, economic growth and distributional effects. For this purpose, ISI uses the macro-economic simulation models ASTRA (Europe) and ISI-Makro (Germany) and, in cooperation with Virginia Tec (USA), general equilibrium models (CGE).




Global GHG mitigation costs

Macro-economic simulation models

Material flow models