Dr. Karoline Rogge

Karoline Rogge is Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer ISI and Senior Lecturer in Sustainability Innovation & Policy and Co-Director of the Sussex Energy Group at SPRU - Science  Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex. Karoline has joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI in September 2004, working at first in the Competence Center Sustainability and Infrastructure Systems, then from April 2008 to December 2011 in the Competence Center Energy Policy and Energy System, and since January 2012 in the Competence Center Energy Policy and Energy Markets.

Prior to joining the Fraunhofer ISI, Karoline Rogge worked as consultant at the World Bank Institute in Washington, DC, USA in the division Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Development, with emphasis on capacity building in environment and natural resource management.

Karoline Rogge  holds a PhD from ETH Zurich on the empirical analysis of the innovation impact of the EU emission trading system in the power sector (2010). She holds a Master-equivalent in Economics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany and also conducted postgraduate studies at the University of Maryland, USA, with specialization in Environmental and Ecological Economics, Public Choice, and Public Finance. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Geo-Ecology from the Technical University Mining Academy Freiberg, Germany with focus on corporate environmental management.