Dr. Benjamin Lux


Benjamin Lux is a researcher in the business unit Electricity Markets and Infrastructures at the Competence Center Energy Policy and Energy Markets. His work focuses on the modeling of the supply-side of the European energy system. In this context, the representation of power-to-X technologies is the focus of his work. 

In 2023, Dr. Benjamin Lux completed his Ph.D. in economics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). His dissertation, entitled "Supplying Europe with Hydrogen and Negative Emissions—A Model-Based Assessment," addressed the interactions of hydrogen systems and the supply of negative emissions via DACCS with the conversion sector in the context of a greenhouse gas-neutral European energy system. Previously, he studied physics and management at the Universities of Ulm and Leeds (UK). Since May 2017 he has been working at Fraunhofer ISI.