Blog Articles 2022

  • Eine Person mit langen Harren hält ein Handy in der Hand
    © Unsplash/Tim Mossholder

    The consumption of social media among the youth is widespread and can lead to the purchase of products advertised by influencers. The FAIR_V project studies the influence of social media influencers on adolescents, to come up with strategies to improve the resilience of adolescents to reduce mal-consumption.

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  • We would like to express our shock and bewilderment at the unjustifiable attack on Ukraine in violation of international law. In addition to the inconceivable suffering of the people in the affected region, this war also calls into question the stability and security of Europe that we have been accustomed too.

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  • Estimating the macroeconomic effects of investments in public research and innovation is of central interest to policymakers, scientists and the general public alike. Many studies have attempted to provide quantifications of these returns, often finding substantial effects (Carree et al. 2014, Jones and Summers 2020, Comin 2021) in terms of GDP, employment, investment and tax revenues (Roy et al. 2021). Two very recent examples by Schubert (2021) and Allan et al. (2022) analyze the case of Fraunhofer as the biggest organization for applied research in Europe. One of the central findings of these studies was that increasing the Fraunhofer budget by one euro increases GDP by 21 euros.

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