Data driven assessment of innovation ecosystem in the energy sector: Diffusion of energy technology innovations by established companies and start-ups


The energy transition is a dominant topic in Germany. The government, policymakers, financial actors, and research and development (R&D) organizations are working together to achieve the desired goal of a clean energy transition. The energy transition is therefore a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, established players, service providers and others to adapt and develop new businesses. Valuable deep-tech and business model innovations are taking place in the energy sector with increasing speed. A data-driven approach to technology assessment is a promising option to better understand and follow recent developments.

Research questions

  • Who are the major actors driving the innovation ecosystem?
  • What are the current technology intervention trends and which step changes and innovations could influence ongoing energy transitions?
  • What is the role of established energy players and how do they rely on newly established companies and start-ups?
  • How can unstructured data be used in innovation trends analysis?

Main outcomes

  • Trend analysis methodology to discover the development of energy technologies
  • Data-driven enhancement to recognize technology innovation pattern in the energy sector among several actors
  • Combination and merging of different data sources on energy technologies and stakeholders in the energy sector
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Assessment of the energy ecosystem for innovations