Data-driven assessment of energy start-ups in Federal states of Germany with the key focus on impact and innovation analysis


The aim of the pilot project is to answer the following questions by collecting unstructured data from several different sources (e.g. web pages of start-ups, blogs, company reports, publicly available databases, etc.). Based on the collected data, a database of start-ups will be compiled that focus on the energy sector. Building on the methods and experiences in the pilot project, the aim is to transfer the approach to other technologies and sectors.

Research questions

  • What data driven methods exist and can be used to assess start-ups?
  • What role do innovations play for long-term social goals, e.g. for energy system transformation?
  • Are innovations implemented in particular by new players and start-ups?
  • Which actors and start-ups are relevant, how are they networked?
  • Which energy concepts and topics are addressed by them?



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AI start-ups and associated funding institutions between 2014 and 2019
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Energy start-ups: Methodology