Network analysis of the FP7 participation

To date, no comprehensive ex-post evaluation has been undertaken to assess how far the networks and cooperation among the R&D and innovation have been supported through the different specific programmes (i.e., cooperation, ideas, people, and capacities) of the Seven Framework Programme have contributed to the achievement of the EU research and innovation policy. Such ex-post evaluation is required not only for legal purpose but also to better understand the effects of these networks and cooperation on the strengthening of capabilities at local, regional, and national level and the ways they have contributed to the improvement of the competitiveness of national economies. More specifically the call for tender specifies these two overarching evaluation questions:

  • How far the network approach, promoted and implemented by FP7, contributed to the achievement of EU Research Policy objectives? What are the potentials and limits of this approach?
  • What are the effects of networks for strengthening the overall innovation capabilities at local, regional and national level and how the networks contributed to the improvement of the competitiveness of national economies?

The purpose of the survey will be to get further insight into the characteristics of networks supported by FP7 and their outcomes, after the analytical approach presented in Section 2 of the proposal. More precisely, the survey will have two overarching objectives: to examine success in networking and to examine the success of networks in generating positive outcomes. Besides this central objective, the survey questions will address several specific questions and the case study questions mentioned in the call for tender. To reduce the administrative burden on participating organisations, subject to discussion with the Commission, we intend to target 4000 organisations rather than the whole population of participating organisations. Based on our experience with similar surveys, we expect a response rate of around 15%, i.e. 600.




  • Science-Metrix Inc.