"Mission-oriented Innovation Policy in the Twin Transition". Preparatory work for the research report within the project CO:DINA - Transformation roadmap Digitalisation and Sustainability

This project aims at supporting the Wuppertal Institute in preparing a research report within the project CO:DINA .

The project supports the programme line "Mission-oriented innovation policy in the Twin Transition" of the joint project CO:DINA ( and investigates the possibilities for policy action in the context of the Twin Transition. Building on the framework of Wanzenböck et al. (2020) on different configurations of challenges/solutions in the context of mission-oriented policy, two case studies are conducted in the context of the Twin Transition (circular economy, energy systems). Based on the current (previous) status of the respective transformation process in the problem-solution space, the project will outline implications for the governance of the Twin transition.

  • Research report on mission-oriented innovation policy in the twin transition
  • Empirical survey through interviews with experts in the field of energy with regard to the potentials/challenges of the Twin Transition




Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie gGmbH