Evaluation of the Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation (SPRIND)

The aim of the evaluation is to analyze and assess SPRIND’s funding approach, its process efficiency, its governance, and the effectiveness of its funding instruments in promoting disruptive innovation. This refers in particular to the founding process of SPRIND and its funding instruments in the course after its establishment, taking into account planned changes under the SPRIND Freedom Act.

It is an ex-post evaluation of the achievement of objectives and the impact of the first funding instruments and a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the funding objectives in order to provide the BMBF with information and suggestions for the control and further development of SPRIND and thus to increase the performance of the innovation agency as a whole. In particular, the evaluation are to contribute to modernizing the federal involvement, strengthening the statutory task and improving the quality and efficiency of task fulfilment. For the impact control, an indicator-based intervention logic will be used.

The methodological approach proposed for this evaluation is based on a triangulation of qualitative and quantitative as well as reactive and non-reactive methods of data collection and data analysis in order to compensate for disadvantages or limitations of individual methods.

  • Document and literature analysis
  • Partially standardized interviews with SPRIND managers, innovators, and external experts
  • Focus groups
  • Process analysis
  • Online survey
  • Media analysis
  • Profitability analysis




Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Technopolis Group