Monitoring evaluation of the promotional measure “Validation of the Innovation Potential of Scientific Research – VIP“

The evaluation of the programme “Validation of the Innovation Potential of Scientific Research – VIP“ is designed as a scientific monitoring of and constructive accompaniment to the measure. In the monitoring evaluation, the innovative role of VIP in the research and innovation policy spectrum should be emphasized and the effects on the innovation activity of publicly funded basic research assessed. In keeping with the character of VIP as a learning programme, the main focus is on the needs of the potential beneficiaries and the task of making the design, choice of instruments and programme management more adaptable in a continuous learning process.

The work is divided into a coordinating module which ensures the cooperation of all programme participants and five modules with the following content:

  • evaluation of the programme approach

  • localization of VIP in the promotional toolkit of the federal government (and the federal states)

  • programme implementation

  • impacts on society and the environment and

  • effects on the innovation system (impacts on technology developments and the economy).

The methodological process is characterized by a multi-perspectival approach which should reflect the assessments of different groups and actors by means of various surveys and interviews. "Learning", communicative methods are in the forefront.




  • Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung


  • VDI TZ Düsseldorf