Ex post evaluation of Cohesion Policy programmes 2007-2013, focusing on the European on the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund (CF) – Work Package Eleven: European Territorial Cooperation

The project targets the ex post evaluation of European cohesion policy programmes in the 2007-2013 funding period with a specific focus on European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) programmes.

In this respect, documents and further material of cross-border cooperation programmes are analysed, complemented by personal exchanges with Managing Authorities. Additional detailed case studies in selected regions enable in-depth insight into the programmes supporting territorial cooperation across national borders.

The Fraunhofer ISI team plays an expert role for ETC programmes in Germany and Austria. The results obtained – as those generated by other regional experts - are integrated into the overall project and form the basis for evaluating cross-border cooperation programmes of the previous funding period.

In addition analysing the programme documents and other materials as well as expert discussions, extensive case studies are conducted in selected regions.

The result of the overall project is an in-depth assessment and evaluation of European Territorial Cooperation programmes in the 2007-2013 funding period.




  • ADE (Analysis for Economic Decisions) SA Consulting Services Belgien