The current situation of the technology innovation system and its problems in China, Japan, Germany, and the EU

The project seeks to better understand the situation of the technology innovation system and related problems in Germany, and the EU by analysing new, innovative approaches to technology transfer between companies, research institutions, colleges, and universities. The main focus of the research will be on long-term co-operative agreements between public research/universities and larger firms, while the role of SMEs in such arrangements will be discussed as well.

Fraunhofer ISI will illustrate the specific role of novel approaches to long-term science-industry agreements and joint platforms between industry and science in the technology innovation systems of Germany, and the EU. The study will select typical cases in Germany and the EU. Fraunhofer ISI will study a total of ten case studies from Germany and the EU. Each case study will discuss the operational aspects of the specific science-industry co-operation models as well as the respective country's policies in the field.

Comparing different medium and long-term cooperation models between science and industry in Europe

  • Case studies
  • comparative analyses
  • interviews




  • Beijing Scientific Instruments & Materials Corp.