Morgenstadt: City Insights (m:ci)

Water infrastructure in the Morgenstadt

In order to make tomorrow's cities more sustainable, more worthwhile and more future-oriented, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has initiated a cooperation between science, industry and communities with the Morgenstadt Initiative. The initiative supports the German government's high-tech strategy in implementing its future project "CO2-neutral, energy-efficient and climate-adapted city".

With Morgenstadt, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has initiated a comprehensive, multidisciplinary process that aims to create a holistic, scientifically valid future scenario as a model for sustainable urban development. The holistic view comprises nine sectors and their interfaces and interactions. In addition to the water infrastructure division headed by Fraunhofer ISI, the sectors considered include mobility, energy, security, information and communication technology, buildings, production and logistics as well as finance and urban governance.


As part of the innovation network "Morgenstadt: City Insights (m:ci)", systemic insights into critical interfaces on the road to the resource-efficient, intelligent and sustainable city of the future will be developed. Based on a global screening of practical examples in the nine sectors, successful innovations, technologies, business models and processes are identified. Cities on a successful path towards sustainability are characterized by a multitude of such positive practical examples. Engaged cities are intensively examined by on-site analyses and key fields as well as effective factors are determined. Thus, m:ci pursues three main areas of work:

  1. Analysis: Development of a global "Morgenstadt-Index" as a basis for the selection of six cities as research objects.
  2. Exploration: On-site exploration of selected cities in interdisciplinary teams using interviews; analyses of problems, effect factors and key fields.
  3. Transfer: Summary of results in an integration phase as a basis for the development of further joint projects in and with cities.

The Fraunhofer ISI was on site in Berlin, New York and Singapore, where it dealt in particular with questions of water infrastructures, mobility and transport infrastructure in the context of sustainable urban development.





Network of industrial and municipal partners, as well as the participating Fraunhofer Institutes


Fraunhofer IAO (coordination), ISE, IGB, IBP, IML, IWES etc. as well as well-known partners from industry and the German cityscape

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