Materials INnovative TEchnologies Assessment


Early design stages provide most leverage for resource-efficient technologies, but prospective environmental assessment is rarely performed due to a lack of knowledge, data, and analysis tools. MIN-TEA provides education and software enabling industry and academia to screen emerging technologies for environmental hotspots. This is critical for sustainable raw materials management, security of supply, circularity and competitiveness of the EU industry.



MIN-TEA proposes a lifelong blended learning package that aims at equipping technology developers and sustainability professionals across the manufacturing industry (e.g. OEMs, electronics, automotive, machinery, and parts producers), as well as consultancies and academia with the necessary knowledge and a practical tool to perform screening-type prospective environmental assessments for early stage technologies. This is critical to optimize future environmental performance and resourceefficiency, to meet environmental legislation and to provide competitive advantages for developers of sustainable and resilient technology.



2019 - 2021


  • EIT Raw Materials


  • Leiden University
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Paul Scherrer InstitutePartner