Accompanying research project on the BMBF funding measure MachWas – Materials for sustainable water management (MachWasPlus)

In the funding measure MachWas “Materials for sustainable water management – MachWas“ of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) 13 joint projects with 75 project partners are funded on the following topic areas:

  • Materials for membrane procedures
  • Adsorption materials
  • Materials for oxidative and reductive procedure
  • Materials for further application in water management

By innovations to minimize water consumption and maximize water availability and through technologies for water treatment and water catchment the research and development projects are to deliver effective impulses for sustainable management of the resource water.

The networking and transfer project MachWasPlus, led by DECHEMA, serves to accompany the projects. An important objective of the work by Fraunhofer ISI is to analyse the contributions of the supported projects to the development aims of MachWas. In addition, Fraunhofer ISI is on the advisory board and part of MachWas expert discussions and discussion platforms.

The objective is to be able to describe the overall potential of the funding initiative MachWas for sustainable water management using a consistent and comparable approach across the supported projects. Main indicators are:

  • Contributions to material development
  • Impulses for sustainable water management and
  • Innovation potential of the results to be expected (leverage effect for practical requirements based on material development)

It is planned to conduct data collection based on the flow of substances for all MachWas projects. In order to coordinate the methodological basis and the approach as well as the discussion of the results Fraunhofer ISI organizes a working group on the cross cutting topic “Innovation and environmental effects of MachWas materials“.