Autonomy and accountability as a contribution to the STRATegic GOVernance of research and the Third Mission? A comparison between universities and non-university research institutions (StratGov)

The project aims at investigating the possibilities of the management levels in publicly funded research institutions to exert effective control and governance. The first main objective is a systematic comparison between universities and non-university research institutions with regard to the design of higher autonomy and more comprehensive accountability. As a second main objective, an investigation of the effects of increased management autonomy and accountability at the organizational level in terms of quality/quantity of scientific research outputs, profile building and third mission will be implemented. The third main objective is to integrate relevant results into the practice of political and scientific decision makers in a way that contributes to an improvement of governance structures in research institutions.

Since there are only few empirical studies on the performance effects of governance in public research institutions, the project will provide a substantial scientific contribution to governance research. The interaction with practitioners will ensure that the results will also generate practice-relevant impact.

Methodologically, a mixed-method approach is applied, combining interview-based methods, document analysis and econometric studies to achieve the first two goals of the project. The transfer of the project findings will be scientifically initiated by conducting choice experiments and stakeholder workshops.  


10/2020 – 09/2023


DLR Projektträger e.V.