Impact Study for the Synchrotron Radiation Facility PETRA III -> IV in the Context of the DESY Research and Innovation Ecosystem

Against the background of the current application for the strategic extension project PETRA IV, the Deutsche Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) has commissioned an impact study to estimate and evaluate the effects of the facility PETRA III, which remains in operation. The aim of this study is, on the one hand, to document the significance of PETRA III for the scientific community and, on the other hand, to estimate the effects that its operation trigger in the non-scientific domain. In particular, it will identify relevant impact channels and mechanisms and document effects in the economic, qualification and societal domains.

It will consider and assess divers impact relationships based on the diffusion of scientific knowledge, network effects, the transfer of technologies, spending on salaries, material and investment as well as contributions to improved public awareness about the importance and role of research infrastructures.

To determine the impact of the operation of the PETRA III facility since its commissioning in 2009 - in scientific and economic terms, as well as with a view to human capital and science awareness.


The study combines quantitative and qualitative methods. In the quantitative field, bibliometric analyses and the estimation of economic multiplier effects are of particular importance, accompanied by the evaluation of different internal data sets provided by DESY. As qualitative methods, interviews (on-site and online) as well as focus groups will be used.


Towards the end of the project, a report - possibly to be published in excerpts - will be prepared, which will contain differentiated explanations of all potential impact areas, as well as an impact model specifically tailored to the situation at DESY. In addition, a data collection matrix will be developed to structure future monitoring activities.




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