The contribution of the Creative Industries towards the Digital Transformation of the overall economy in Austria

Foresight process regarding the role and position of the Creative Industries in a digital economy 2030

The potentials of the Creative Industries in Austria are documented in annual reports and focus studies of Kreativwirtschaft Austria. For the upcoming “Neunten Österreichischen Kreativwirtschaftsbericht” the following questions will be answered: How does digitization change the Creative Industries and their sub-sectors? Which role does the Creative Industries play in the digital transformation of the economy, including spillover and crossover effects on other industries? The key factors for the role and position of the Creative Industries in the Digital Economy in 2030 will be identified with the help of a foresight process together with creative professionals in order to analyse alternative scenarios. Based on this, key recommendations for addressing the challenges and opportunities of the Digital Economy for Creative Industries will be derived.


09/2019 – 09/2020


Kreativwirtschaft Austria der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich


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