Demand Response and Smart Grids

The transition towards an energy system based on renewable energies and distributed supply structures means that this system must become smarter and more flexible overall in the future. The Business Unit Demand Response and Smart Grids focuses on innovations emerging in this context. Using a systemic approach, we make comprehensive evaluations of new technologies and business models to integrate renewable energies. Our most important topics include

  • Techno-economic analyses
    We evaluate the technical potentials of flexibility options such as demand response , sector coupling technologies, electric mobility or energy storage. We assess the economic efficiency of applications using model-based analyses of market revenues or the required investments, among others.
  • Regulatory framework and energy policy expertise
    The Business Unit has many years of experience with regard to the regulatory framework and energy policy. Based on this, we develop strategies to realize new business models and evaluate the possible incentives of existing or future framework conditions.
  • Acceptance analyses
    We conduct acceptance analyses of new flexibility options, sector coupling technologies and energy storages. This also involves giving advice on possible participation options and developing recommendations on how to design incentive structures.

Our objective is to develop comprehensive cross-energy solutions for the smart management of flexibility options using ICT.

Coordinator of the Business Unit is Dr. Marian Klobasa.