Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eichhammer

Fraunhofer Institute for
Systems and Innovation Research ISI

Head of Competence Center Energy Policy and Energy Markets


Physicist with professional experience gathered in various countries of the European Union and world-wide in designing and evaluating energy efficiency and renewables policies as well as climate policies.
Since 1991, research associate in the Competence Center Energy Policy and Energy Systems. 2001-2011, Deputy Head of this Competence Center. Since 2012, Head of the Competence Center Energy Policy and Energy Markets.

Work focus

Project coordinator of numerous national and international studies on modeling and simulating the impacts of climate protection measures, energy conservation and renewable energy policies. Technical coordinator of the ODYSSEE-MURE project on energy efficiency indicators and policies ( Technical advisor to the EU-Commission on the implementation of EU Emission Trading (Benchmarking), the EU Effort Sharing Decision, the EU Directive on Energy Services as well as the follow-up Directive on Energy Efficiency, among others. Advisor for various projects in these fields for international organizations such as the World Bank, the International Energy Agency, the UNIDO etc. International experience in Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, South Korea), Central and Eastern European countries (Serbia, Russia), North Africa (Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria) and South/Central America (Mexico, Brazil, Chile).


Time Membership
2014 Member of the Evaluation Panel of the New Energy Research Programme of the Academy of Finland
2013 Member of the Expert Group for the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy in the frame of the National Debate on Energy
2012 Board Member of the Energy Efficiency Initiative of German Enterprises DENEFF
2011 Advice to the EU Parliament on questions related to the EU Directive for Energy Efficiency
2009 Member of the Belgian GEMIX expert group (Advisory Group for the Belgian Government on questions related to the Belgian energy mix set up by a Royal Decree)
2007 - 2009 Expert contributions to the Art. 16 Committee in the frame of the EU Directive for Energy Efficiency (sub groups on Top-down and Bottom-up Monitoring)
2007 Advisor to the Dutch Energy Research Centre ECN on the future development of the research portfolio on energy
2006 Advice to the Commission for Finance and Economy of the Chinese Peoples Republics Congress (Parliament) on the future development of the Energy Conservation Law (Beijing)
2005 - 2006 Member of the European Commission Expert Group on Monitoring and Verification in the frame of the EU Directive for Energy Efficiency
2005 - 2007 Member of the Belgian Commission Energy 2030 (Advisory Group for the Belgian Government set up by a Royal Decree)
2005 Member of the Advisory Board of the SPRU Energy Research Group on Transitions to a Sustainable Energy Economy (UK)
2003 - 2004 Evaluator for applications to the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), intended to provide leadership in energy research and assist in giving coherence and co-ordination to the UK energy research agenda in view of UK's efforts to combat climate change
2002 Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Energy & Environment
1998 - 1999 Advice to the Asian Pacific Energy Research Centre APERC (Tokyo) on energy efficiency indicators
1995 - 2001 Representative of the Fraunhofer ISI in the Scientific-Technical Advisory Board of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft


  • Asean Energy Outlook 2015: Support to the Development of the 4th ASEAN Energy Outlook

  • Assessment ETS Benchmarks: Assessment of the Benchmarks developed for the European Emission Trading Scheme ETS

  • Realizing energy use reductions in Europe: Assessing the feasibility and impacts of legally binding energy efficiency targets (on behalf of European Climate Foundation ECF / Regulatory Assistance Project RAP) 

  • The upfront investments required to double energy savings in the European Union in 2020 (on behalf of Regulatory Assistance Project RAP) 

  • Establishment of the Second National Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Germany (on behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs)

  • Establishment of the First and the Second National Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Luxemburg (on behalf of the Ministry for Economic Affairs Luxemburg) 

  • Concrete Paths of the European Union to the 2°C Scenario: Achieving the Climate Protection Targets of the EU by 2050 through Structural Change, Energy Savings and Energy Efficiency Technologies. Investigation for the reduction of energy de-mand in the EU27 at the time horizon 2050 (on behalf of the German Ministry of the Environment) 

  • Investigation of the local manufacturing potential for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) in North Africa (on behalf of the World Bank) 

  • Technical co-ordinator (together with ENERDATA, France and ISIS, Italy) for the European Union Odyssee-MURE project on energy efficiency indicators and on the evaluation of energy efficiency measures in the EU27 (Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme). Recently, quantitative evaluation of the energy efficiency and renewables policies in EU Member States. 

  • Support for the German Ministry of Economic Affairs on the development of a monitoring system for measures developed under the EU Directive for Energy Efficiency and Energy Services. 

  • Benchmarking of industrial processes in the frame of the EU Emission Trading scheme (on behalf of DG Environment)

  • Development of a renewables strategy for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) in North Africa (on behalf of the World Bank and in collaboration with the EU Mediterranean Solar Plan) 

  • Evaluation of greenhouse gas policies and measures under the European Climate Change Programme ECCP (DG Environment) 

  • Investigation on the costs of the climate and energy package of the German government (on behalf of the German Environment Ministry) 

  • Investigation of the energy efficiency potentials for DG TrEn in the frame of the EU Directive on Energy Efficiency and Energy Services 

  • Advice for the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Luxembourg on the national implementation of the EU Directive on Energy Efficiency and Energy Services 

  • Evaluation of the Worldbank/GEF portfolio on Concentrating Solar Power 

  • Evaluation of CO 2 reduction options of the industrial sector in the frame of the European Emission Trading Scheme (several projects on behalf of a variety of European electricity and gas supply companies) 

  • Development of renewable energy policy for the Government of Morocco and the German Society for Technical Cooperation GTZ 

  • Evaluation of World Bank's portfolio on concentrating solar power generation (in co-operation with CSIR South-Africa and CSIRO Australia)


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