Discussion Papers Innovation Systems and Policy Analysis

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System- und Innovationsforschung ISI

 ISSN 1612-1430

Nr. 56
Younes Iferd, Torben Schubert
Governing Innovation Projects in Firms: The Role of Competition between Innovation Projects and Interdepartmental Collaboration
Karlsruhe 2017

Nr. 55
Kou Kou, Henning Kroll
Innovation output and state ownership: Empirical evidence from China’s listed firms
Karlsruhe 2017

Nr. 54
Christian Rammer, Torben Schubert
Concentration on the Few? R&D and Innovation in German Firms between 2001 and 2013
Karlsruhe 2016

Nr. 53
Rainer Frietsch, Peter Neuhäusler, Oliver Rothengatter, Koen Jonkers
Societal Grand Challenges from a technological perspective – Methods and identification of classes of the International Patent Classification IPC
Karlsruhe 2016

Nr. 52
Ralf Lindner, Stephanie Daimer, Bernd Beckert, Nils Heyen, Jonathan Köhler, Benjamin Teufel, Philine Warnke, Sven Wydra
Addressing directionality: Orientation failure and the systems of innovation heuristic. Towards reflexive governance
Karlsruhe 2016

Nr. 51
Lisa Nabitz, Patrick Plötz, Sibylle Braungardt, Matthias Reuter
Measuring policy-driven innovation in energy efficiency
Karlsruhe 2016

Nr. 50
Rainer Walz, Jonathan Köhler, Christian Lerch
Towards modelling of innovation systems: an integrated TIS-MLP approach for wind turbines
Karlsruhe 2016

Nr. 49
Philine Warnke, Knut Koschatzky, Ewa Dönitz, Andrea Zenker, Thomas Stahlecker, Oliver Som, Kerstin Cuhls, Sandra Güth
Opening up the innovation system framework towards new actors and institutions
Karlsruhe 2016

Nr. 48
Jonathan Köhler, Sibylle Braungardt, Tim Hettesheimer, Christian Lerch, Lisa Nabitz, Christian Sartorius, Rainer Walz
The dynamic simulation of TIS functions in transitions pathways
Karlsruhe 2016

Nr. 47
Ulrike Tagscherer
Science-Industry-Linkages in China – Motivation, Models and Success Factors for collaborations of MNCs with Chinese Academia
Karlsruhe 2015

Nr. 46
Peter Neuhäusler, Rainer Frietsch, Oliver Rothengatter
Patentierung computerimplementierter Erfindungen – Aktuelle Rechtslage und ökonomische Implikationen
Karlsruhe 2015

Nr. 45
Christian Rammer, Rainer Frietsch
Global Champions und Hidden Champions: Internationale Konzerne und KMU im Innovationswettbewerb
Karlsruhe 2015

Nr. 44
Cheng Fan, Thomas Reiß, Axel Thielmann
"Challenge-led"-Innovation in China – das Beispiel Elektromobilität
Karlsruhe 2014

Nr. 43
Rainer Frietsch, Ulrike Tagscherer
German-Sino collaboration in science, technology and innovation
Karlsruhe 2014

Nr. 42
Carolin Michels, Achim Rettinger
Emerging Topics in Science - Subproject in the Kompetenzzentrum Bibliometrie
Karlsruhe 2014

Nr. 41
Sonia Conchi, Carolin Michels
Scientific mobility - An analysis of Germany, Austria, France and Great Britain
Karlsruhe 2014

Nr. 40
Ulrike Tagscherer, Rainer Frietsch
E-mobility in China: Chance or daydream?
Karlsruhe 2014

Nr. 39
Bernhard Dachs, Bernd Ebersberger, Steffen Kinkel, Oliver Som
The Effects of Production Offshoring on R&D and Innovation in the Home Country
Karlsruhe 2014


Nr. 38
Eva Dantas, Niclas Meyer, Thomas Stehnken
Growing outflows of technology-driven foreign direct investment from emerging economies and the implications for the international investment regime
Karlsruhe 2013

Nr. 36
Rainer Frietsch, Peter Neuhäusler, Oliver Rothengatter
SME Patenting – An Empirical Analysis in Nine Countries
Karlsruhe 2013

Nr. 35
Junying Fu, Rainer Frietsch, Ulrike Tagscherer
Publication activity in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) database in the context of Chinese science and technology policy from 1977 to 2012
Karlsruhe 2013

Nr. 34
Peter Neuhäusler, Rainer Frietsch
Patents as indicators for knowledge generation and diffusion in mechanical engineering and green biotechnology - A first assessment
Karlsruhe 2013

Nr. 33
Carolin Michels, Junying Fu
Systematic Analysis of Coverage and Usage of Conference Proceedings in Web of Science
Karlsruhe 2013

Nr. 32
Friedrich Dornbusch, Ulrich Schmoch, Nicole Schulze, Nadine Bethke
Identification of university-based patents: a new large-scale approach
Karlsruhe 2012

Nr. 31
Ulrich Schmoch, Axel Thielmann
Cyclical long-term Development of Complex Technologies – Premature Expectations in Nanotechnology?
Karlsruhe 2012

Nr. 30
Ulrike Tagscherer
Electric mobility in China – A policy review
Karlsruhe 2012

Nr. 29
Ji Yoon Chung
The National Innovation System (NIS) and the Automobile Industry in South Korea
Karlsruhe 2011

Nr. 28
Peter Neuhäusler, Rainer Frietsch, Torben Schubert, Knut Blind
Patents and the financial performance of firms – An analysis based on stock market data
Karlsruhe 2011

Nr. 27
Thomas Stehnken
Innovationspolitik in Brasilien – Kontinuitäten und neue Entwicklungen während der Regierung Lula da Silva
Karlsruhe 2010

Nr. 26
Rainer Frietsch, Yu Meng
Indicator-Based Reporting on the Chinese Innovation System 2010 – Life Sciences in China –
Karlsruhe 2010

Nr. 25
Henning Kroll
Indicator-Based Reporting on the Chinese Innovation System 2010 – The Regional Dimension of Science and Innovation in China –
Karlsruhe 2010

Nr. 24
Stéphane Robin, Torben Schubert
Cooperation with Public Research Institutions and Success in Innovation: Evidence from France and Germany
Karlsruhe 2010

Nr. 23
Hans-Dieter Schat, Angela Jäger
Einfluss demografischer Entwicklungen in Betrieben auf deren Innovationsfähigkeit
Karlsruhe 2010

Nr. 22
Nicolai Mallig
A relational database for bibliometric analysis
Karlsruhe 2010


Nr. 21

Elisabeth Baier
Auswirkungen des demografischen Wandels auf die regionale Politikgestaltung - Beispielhafte Untersuchung an den Regionen Baden-Württemberg und Sachsen-Anhalt
Karlsruhe 2009

Nr. 20
Peter Neuhäusler
Formal vs. informal protection instruments and the strategic use of patents in an Expected-Utility framework
Karlsruhe 2009

Nr. 19
Henning Kroll, Ulrike Tagscherer
Chinese Regional Innovation Systems in Times of Crisis - The Case of Guangdong
Karlsruhe 2009

Nr. 18
Emmanuel Muller, Andrea Zenker, Jean-Alain Héraud
France: Innovation System and Innovation Policy
Karlsruhe 2009

Nr. 17
Henning Kroll, Daniel Schiller
Managing the Interface between Public Sector Applied Research and Technological Development in the Chinese Enterprise Sector
Karlsruhe 2009

Nr. 16
Rainer Frietsch, Inna Haller, Melanie Vrohlings, Hariolf Grupp
Gender-Specific Patterns in Patenting and Publishing
Karlsruhe 2008

Nr. 15
Rainer Frietsch, Sybille Hinze, Li Tang
Bibliometric data study: Assessing the current ranking of the People’s Republic of China in a set of research fields
Karlsruhe 2008

Nr. 14
Peter Neuhäusler
Patente in Europa und den USA - Veränderungen ab 1991 aufgezeigt an Gesamtzahlen und dem Technologiefeld des Ubiquitous Computing
Karlsruhe 2008

Nr. 13/2007
Rainer Frietsch, Jue Wang
Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Activities in China: Evidence from Patents and Publications
Karlsruhe 2007

Nr. 12/2006
Bernd Ebersberger, Jakob Edler, Vivien Lo
Improving Policy Understanding by Means of Secondary Analyses of Policy Evaluation. A Concept Development
Karlsruhe 2006

Nr. 11/2006
Thomas Heinze, Gerrit Bauer
Characterizing Creative Scientists in Nano S&T: Productivity, Multidisciplinarity, and Network Brokerage in a Longitudinal Perspective
Karlsruhe 2006

Nr. 10/2006
Arlette Jappe
Four Major Task Domains of Science for Sustainability
Karlsruhe 2006

Nr. 9/2006
Arlette Jappe
Explaining International Co-Authorship in Global Environmental Change Research
Karlsruhe 2006

Nr. 8/2006
Thomas Heinze, Philip Shapira, Jacqueline Senker, Stefan Kuhlmann
Identifying Creative Research Accomplishments: Methodology and Results for Nanotechnology and Human Genetics
Karlsruhe 2006

Nr. 7/2006
Thomas Heinze
Emergence of Nano S&T in Germany. Network Formation and Company Performance
Karlsruhe 2006

Nr. 6/2006
Thomas Heinze, Stefan Kuhlmann
Analysis of heterogeneous collaboration in the German research system with a focus on nanotechnology
Karlsruhe 2006

Nr. 5/2005
Arlette Jappe
International Collaboration Schemes in Earth and Environmental Sciences: IGEC Programmes and UNESCO IHP
Karlsruhe 2005

Nr. 4/2004
Frieder Meyer-Krahmer, Ulrich Schmoch
Zur Bedeutung der angewandten Grundlagenforschung – Ergebnisse einer schriftlichen Befragung bei Fraunhofer-Instituten
Karlsruhe 2004

Nr. 3/2003
Stefan Kuhlmann, Thomas Heinze
Informationen zur Forschungsevaluation in Deutschland - Erzeuger und Bedarf
Karlsruhe 2003

Nr. 2/2003
Jakob Edler, Stefan Kuhlmann, Ruud Smits
New Governance for Innovation. The Need for Horizontal and Systemic Policy Co-ordination
Karlsruhe 2003

Nr. 1/2003
Stefan Kuhlmann, Ulrich Schmoch, Thomas Heinze
Governance der Kooperation heterogener Partner im deutschen Forschungs- und Innovationssystem
Karlsruhe 2003

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