Dr. Annette Braun

Scientific Officer to the Director

Dr. Annette Braun studied forestry sciences at the University of Freiburg, Germany. In 1999 she awarded doctorate. From 2000 she worked with Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM, first as the head of public relations, then as head of the service group “New Technologies and Patents“. From the beginning of 2009 to May 2010 she was in charge of the Fraunhofer department “International Business Development” at the headquarters in Munich. In May 2010 she changed as a consultant in research and technology assessment to the Green Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag.

In February 2013 she joined Fraunhofer ISI in Karlsruhe as a project leader, first in the Competence Center for “Industrial and Service Innovations”, then in the Competence Center “Emerging Technologies”.

Since January 2017, Annette Braun has been working in the research team of the director of the Fraunhofer ISI in Karlsruhe.

Her expertise lies on technology oriented policy and innovation system.