CC Policy – Industry – Innovation

The Competence Center Policy – Industry – Innovation explores the working principles of research and innovation systems at the supranational, national, regional and sectoral level. It analyses the various institutions, instruments and strategies in industry, science and government that produce knowledge and generate innovations. A major focus here is on the innovative capability of small and medium-sized enterprises.

We advise our clients from politics, industry and academia on designing new support instruments, funding programmes and developing corporate strategies for innovation and competition. We use the latest theoretical approaches, indicators, benchmarks and evaluation concepts to do so.

We can draw on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative analytical methods for our studies that are continuously further developed at the Fraunhofer ISI. These include surveys, company and document analyses, benchmarks, discursive methods and peer group analyses, but also patent, publication and social network analyses.

Our scientific analyses, reports and consultations help our clients to better understand current processes in order to act knowledgably, with foresight and effectively in the innovation system and to succeed commercially.

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