Dr. Lucia Mejia Dorantes


Dr. Lucia Mejia Dorantes finished her civil engineering studies in the University of Mexico (UNAM). She continued her education with a master’s diploma in Business engineering and construction in the University of Madrid (UPM), and later on she worked as a junior researcher in the Transport Research Centre (TRANSyT) in the same University where she completed her Ph.D. with the title "Transportation infrastructure impacts on house prices and firms’ location: The effect of a new metro line in the suburbs of Madrid" (Cum-Laude, Doctor Europeus, and also honoured with the extraordinary doctoral thesis award of the UPM). During her doctoral studies she collaborated with other institutions and research centres as a visiting researcher, such as the World Bank, the School of Geography & Earth Sciences from McMaster University Canada, and the Transport Studies Unit from the University of Oxford with successful results.

In June 2011 Dr. Mejia Dorantes joined the Department of Transport Economics and Sociology of the IFSTTAR (French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks) as a post-doctoral researcher in Lille where she worked in the case study of the old coal mining area of the Nord-Pas de Calais Region to analyse the ex-ante effects of a new tramway system using qualitative and quantitative techniques. She has specialized on the assessment of the long term effects of a transport infrastructure and especially to the impact on house prices and firms’ location using spatial analysis, along with ex-ante and ex-post techniques. Her work has been presented in several well known conferences, and published in different international journals.

Since March 2013 she has been working for the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research in the Sustainability and Infrastructure System Unit.

    • urban transportation
    • planning and economics
    • spatial analysis
    • transport policy
    • long term effects
    • new mobility concepts along with qualitative and quantitative techniques
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