Dr. Natalia Sukurova

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Natalia Sukurova studied Economic science (B.Sc, M.Sc, both diplomas with honor) with focus on International Economics at KROK University of Economics and Law in the Ukraine. Bachelor thesis on the topic of "The influence of international trade on the functioning of the national economy". Master thesis on the topic of ·"Foreign direct investments into the economic development of the regions of Ukraine". 

In 2011, she defended her thesis for the Ph.D. in Economic Science at Uzhgorod National University, Ukraine, where she specialized in "The development of productive forces and the regional economy”. She wrote her Ph.D. thesis on the topic “Foreign investments as a factor of innovative development of regional economies”.

Since June 2022, she works as a researcher in the business unit Electricity Markets and Infrastructures at the Competence Center Energy Policy and Energy Markets. 

    • Theoretical and empirical - applied studies of modern trends of international economic relations development and the formation of companies' strategies towards foreign markets.
    • Justification of methodological tools and principles of realization of companies' international strategies in terms of global economic environment turbulence. 
    • The research of the peculiarities and current trends of development of hydrogen energy and the potential of "green hydrogen" in Ukraine.
    • The analyses of hydrogen policy development in Ukraine as well as perspectives of Ukraine on EU market of hydrogen.
    • Social acceptance of hydrogen policy realization in Ukraine. The research of Ukrainian specifity of political, economic, scientific and social actors/institutions in the field of hydrogen economy.
    • Teaching practice was carried out in Ukrainian universities, both at Ukrainian and double-degree programs (Ukrainian - Austrian program on export-oriented Management, Ukrainian- Hungarian program on international tourism), by teaching the following disciplines: World Economy, International Economics, International Economic Relations.
      • development of educational and methodological provision for the disciplines taught;
      • development of assessment tasks, tests and examination assignments for the appropriate disciplines;
      • preparation and downloading of educational and methodological materials of the disciplines taught in the MOODLE system for distance learning;
      • scientific supervision of master's, bachelor's theses and course papers for the students specialized in International economic relations;
    • Ukranian state examination commission at the bachelor's and master's levels for the specialty of International Economics
    • Ukrainian-Austrian program for export-oriented management.
    • Summer Institute of the Ukrainian Association for the Development of Management and Business Education, program "Innovative technologies of organization of education in higher education". Project about strengthening the development of the practical component in the course "International Marketing" (2008).
    • Workshop "Digital management of scientific research", (2019). Tallinn, Estonia.
    • HYPAT project: "Ukraine as the potential partner on the European market of hydrogen: possibilities and strategic perspectives". 
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