Selected research topics

Fraunhofer Institute for
Systems and Innovation Research ISI

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Research conducted at Fraunhofer ISI covers a wide range of topics and affects many societal, economic or political areas.

Currently the focus is also on the topics listed in the following. On the following pages you will find detailed descriptions, selected projects as well as publications about these selected research areas.

Information about all other research topics and projects of Fraunhofer ISI can be found on the pages of the respective Competence Center or Business Unit.

Electric mobility

Fraunhofer ISI researches different factors of electric mobility in many different projects and has accumulated extensive know-how over the years. Its main areas of research include market evolution scenarios, new mobility concepts and business models, user acceptance in the private and commercial sectors, infrastructure development, roadmaps for energy storage, drive concepts with a focus on lithium-ion batteries, and the significance of electric mobility for the environment, the economy and society. ...more

Energy transition

Fraunhofer ISI researches the topic area "Energy transition" in the Competence Centers Energy Technology and Energy Systems as well as Energy Policy and Energy Markets. This facilitates a comprehensive and holistic view of the energy transition from very different perspectives: Economic and technological aspects as well as ecologic and social factors are examined. All relevant actors which are involved – from political and economic decision makers to the general public – are also included. ...more

Industrial competitiveness

Analyzing industrial innovations and innovation processes has been part of Fraunhofer ISI’s research portfolio for many years now. The projects conducted are based on a broad research approach that explores and links the supply and demand side of innovations from the perspective of industry and the affiliated service sector. ...more

Information and data security

Research in the area of information and data security deals primarily with the security of critical infrastructures such as networked IT worlds. The impacts of new technologies as well as surveillance and security technologies on privacy and data protection are investigated and privacy impact assessments are made. ...more

Materials and raw materials

The topic material and raw material has been an important research area at Fraunhofer ISI for years. The motivation for the research is multifaceted: As well as recurring turbulences on the raw materials market, the energy transition and the energy technologies required, an increasing change in values towards more sustainability while maintaining the competivity of the German economy must be named. ...more

Technology Assessment

Corresponding to our broad understanding of TA, all the Competence Centers at Fraunhofer ISI are involved in TA in a wide range of projects, each of which examines different issues. Some of the Institute’s most important work and research priorities in TA include classical TA studies in selected fields of technology, parliamentary TA, the further development of TA methods, ELSA research, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), innovation and technology analyses (ITA) and foresight. ...more