Dr. Heike Aichinger

Fraunhofer Institute for
Systems and Innovation Research ISI


1999–2005: Studies of biotechnology at the Technische Universität Berlin and at the Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie Strasbourg (France). Internships at Schering Pharma A.G. (Berlin), The Danish Cancer Society (Copenhagen, Denmark), Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (London, Ontario, Canada).

2005: “Diplom in Biotechnologie/Diplôme d’ingénieur en biotechnologie” and “Diplôme d’études approfondies en biologie cellulaire et moléculaire” (M.Sc. in molecular and ceullular biology).

2005–2010: PhD thesis in plant biochemistry and molecular biolgoy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zürich). Doctoral degree in biology (Dr. Sc. ETH) in 2010.

Since March 2010: Researcher and project manager at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI.

Work Focus

  • Scientific-technical developments and prospective studies in biotechnology
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Cell-free bioproduction


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