Dr. Henning Döscher

Fraunhofer Institute for
Systems and Innovation Research ISI


2000–2007: Studies of Physics (and Physical Technologies) at Technische Universität Clausthal, Germany; Focus: Surface and Materials Science; Research visits: Cairo University, Giza, Egypt (2004), North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA (2005)

2001–2007: Studies of Business Information Technology at Technische Universität Clausthal, Germany; Research visit: University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wiconsin, USA (2006)

2006–2011: Researcher at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (formerly: Hahn-Meitner-Institut), Department: Materials for Photovoltaics

2008–2010: Doctorate in Sciences, Department of Physics, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; Dissertation title: “Benchmarking surface signals when growing GaP on Si in CVD ambients”

2011–2015: Researcher at Technischen Universität Ilmenau, Department of Physics

2012–2015: Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship funded by the European Union – delegated to National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, USA

2015–2017: Researcher at Philipps-Universität Marburg, Department of Physics and Structure and Technology Research Laboratory

Since 2017: Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, Competence Center Emerging Technologies

Work Focus

  • Innovation System Analyses regarding Emerging Technologies (Key Enabling Technologies) in Materials Sciences and beyond

  • Scientific-technical developments, prospective studies, market analysis and development prediction, based on road mapping, monitoring, benchmarking, modelling, expert interviews and workshops, etc.

Further Research Areas

  • Surface and Materials Physics: in situ analysis, photoelectron spectroscopy, structural characterization

  • Materials Science: Chemical Vapor Deposition, Compound Semiconductors, Heterostructures

  • Renewable Energy: Solar Fuels, High-efficiency Photovoltaics, Photoelectrochemistry


  • WiSKoS – Wirtschaftsspionage und Konkurrenzausspähung in Deutschland und Europa

Selected Publications

Döscher, H.; Hens, P.; Beyer, A.; Tapfer, L.; Volz, K.; Stolz, W. (2017): GaP-interlayer formation on epitaxial GaAs(100) surfaces in MOVPE ambient. In: Journal of Crystal Growth 464, pp. 2-7.

Young, J.; Steiner, M.; Döscher, H.; France, R.; Turner, J.; Deutsch, T. (2017): Direct solar-to-hydrogen conversion via inverted metamorphic multi-junction semiconductor architectures. In: Nature Energy 2, 17028.

Döscher, H.; Young, J.; Geisz, J.; Turner, J.; Deutsch, T. (2016): Solar-to-hydrogen efficiency: shining light on photoelectrochemical device performance. In: Energy & Environmental Science 9, pp. 74-80.

Döscher, H.; Geisz, J.; Deutsch, T.; Turner, J. (2014): Sunlight absorption in water – efficiency and design implication for photoelectrochemical devices. In: Energy & Environmental Science 7, pp. 2951-2956.

Döscher, H. (2013): GaP Heteroepitaxy on Si(100). Benchmarking Surface Signals when Growing GaP on Si in CVD Ambients. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.

Döscher, H.; Supplie, O.; May, M.; Sippel, P.; Heine, C.; Munoz, A.; Eichberger, R.; Lewerenz, H.; Hannappel, T. (2012): Epitaxial III-V films and surfaces for photoelectrocatalysis. In: ChemPhysChem 13, pp. 2899-2909.

Supplie, O.; Hannappel, T.; Pristovsek, M.; Döscher, H. (2012):In situ access to the dielectric anisotropy of buried III-V/Si(100) heterointerfaces. In: Physical Review B 86, 035308.

Döscher, H.; Borkenhagen, B.; Lilienkamp, G.; Daum, W.; Hannappel, T. (2011): Observation of Gallium Phosphide Anti-Phase Disorder by Low Energy Electron Microscopy. In: Surface Science 605, pp. L38-L41.

Döscher, H.; Lilienkamp, G.; Iskra, P.; Daum, W.; Helsch, G.; Becker, S.; Wrobel, R.-J.; Weiss, H.; Suchorski, Y. (2010): High quality ZrO₂/Si(100) thin film by a sol-gel process: preparation and characterization. In: Journal of Applied Physics 107, 094103.

Wolters, J.; Schell, A.; Kewes, G.; Nüsse, N.; Schoengen, M.; Döscher, H.; Hannappel, T.; Löchel, B.; Barth, M.; Benson, O. (2010): Enhancement of the zero phonon line emission from a single nitrogen vacancy center in a nanodiamond via coupling to a photonic crystal cavity. In: Applied Physics Letters 97, 141108.

Döscher, H.; Hannappel, T.; Kunert, B.; Beyer, A.; Volz, K.; Stolz, W. (2008): In situ verification of single-domain III-V on Si(100) growth via metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy. In: Applied Physics Letters 93, 172110.

Nosek, A.; Conzen, J.; Döscher, H.; Martin, C.; Blanchard, J. (2007): Thermomechanics of candidate coatings for advanced gas reactor fuels. In: Journal of Nuclear Materials 371, pp. 288-303.