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RAIL TOWARDS 2050: Vision and Roadmap for Sustainable Mobility

Time: Thursday, 23 April 2015, 9:00-13:00

Place: Solvey Library, Leopoldpark, 137 rue Belliard, Brussels, Belgium

How can the railways support economic prosperity and liveability in Europe’s long term future? On behalf of the European Commission, the two research projects LivingRAIL and SPIDER PLUS developed mobility visions and roadmaps for 2050 where electrified rail takes a central role in passenger and freight mobility to achieve the European Commission´s Transport White Paper mode share targets.

In a joint conference, both projects will present and discuss their findings. Recommendations embrace railway investments, technologies and operations, European, national and local policies, spatial planning and the future of our cities. Brief presentations from LivingRAIL and SPIDER PLUS will introduce concepts to strengthen the European economy and society with high capacity and customer oriented railways.

The meeting will finally give floor to a panel of high-ranking experts from the railways, passengers, policy and finance. Discussions will delve into critical questions of feasibility, fundability and potential risks to the solutions proposed by the two sister projects.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI analyzes the origins and impacts of innovations. We research the short- and long-term developments of innovation processes and the impacts of new technologies and services on society. On this basis, we are able to provide our clients from industry, politics and science with recommendations for action and perspectives for key decisions. Our expertise is founded on our scientific competence as well as an interdisciplinary and systemic research approach.