Frank Marscheider-Weidemann

Dr. Frank Marscheider-Weidemann

Dr. Frank Marscheider-Weidemann

Fraunhofer Institute for
Systems and Innovation Research ISI

Researcher and Project Leader

Work Experience

Dr. rer. nat. Frank Marscheider-Weidemann, born in 1960, studied chemistry at the University of Hamburg where he completed his doctorate degree in technical chemistry (Thesis: Propylene and Pyrolysis Gas Conversion Experiments to Improve the Product Structure of the Hamburger Polymer Pyrolysis Process). From 1992 to 1993 he worked as a postdoctoral research assistant at the Institute for Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry of the University of Hamburg. Since 1994 to present, Frank Marscheider-Weidemann has been working for the department “Sustainability and Infrastructures” at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research in Karlsruhe.

Focus of research

  • Assessments of potentials and measures for reducing energy related emissions of greenhouse gases in energy intensive industries and the service sector.

  • Implementing planning instruments for energy and environmental concepts like emissions inventories, recycling concepts or LCA.

  • Emission and fate of hazardous substances in the environment, e. g. for the priority substances of the Water Framework Directive or for silver as biocide.

Publications (selection)

Marscheider-Weidemann, F., Langkau, S., Hummen, T., Erdmann, L.,Tercero Espinoza, L., Angerer, G., Marwede, M. & Benecke, S. (2016): Rohstoffe für Zukunftstechnologien 2016. DERA Rohstoffinformationen 28: 353 S., Berlin.

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Hoenderdaal, Sander; Tercero Espinoza, Luis; Marscheider-Weidemann, Frank; Graus, Wina (2013): Can a dysprosium shortage threaten green energy technologies? In: Energy 49, pp. 344-355.

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Marscheider-Weidemann, Frank et al. (2012): COHIBA Guidance Document No. 7. Measures for emission reduction of octylphenol (OP) and octylphenol ethoxylates (OPE) in the Baltic Sea Area. COHIBA Project Consortium.

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