Dr. Jonathan Köhler

Fraunhofer Institute for
Systems and Innovation Research ISI


  • Naval Architect, CEng, Member Royal Institute fo Naval Architects, Ministry of Defence, UK

  • Project Manager, Rosyth dockyard, Scotland, Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Limited, Responsible for large surface warship design: Airchraft Carriers, Amphibious ships

  • Economist, University of Cambridge, Senior Research Associate, Macroeconomic modelling of Climate and Energy policy, Manager of Economics research theme in the OMEGA research consortium on aviation and the environment

Work Focus

  • Innovation in transport

  • Modelling of socio-technological transitions in transport

  • Transport and climate policy for aviation and shipping

  • Modelling of transport policy with the ASTRA model


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Köhler, J., M. Grubb, D. Popp, and O. Edenhofer (2006). “The Transition to Endogenous Technical Change in Climate-Economy Models: a Technical overview to the Innovation Modeling Comparison Project.” The Energy Journal Special Issue, Endogenous Technological Change and the Economics of Atmosperic Stabilization , 17-55.

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