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Analysis of the RES technology diffusion under the DP2050 and of future EU-MENA RES-E support schemes

Dii Regulation


The project combines the detailed modeling of renewable energy (RE) diffusion in EU and MENA with the analysis of the respective support framework needed to assist the Dii DP 2050 assessment. The modeling analysis builds on the comprehensive modeling work done in the frame of the project “Model based analysis of the impact of desert power on the EUMENA electricity markets” conducted by Fraunhofer ISI to assist the realization of the Desert Power 2050 (DP 2050) vision by deriving a rollout plan for the optimal power plant portfolio and infrastructures until 2050.


The overall objective of the modeling work applied in this project is to provide a realistic picture of the diffusion pathway of RES technologies in MENA countries between 2020 and 2050 and to provide scenario results containing geographic information on the utilized RES-E potentials.

The second focal point of the study lies on the regulatory framework and the support schemes for RES-E in MENA and Europe regarding the timeframe after 2020. Key objective is an in-depth qualitative assessment of the compatibility of the expected future regulatory regimes in both regions and the identification of critical issues which need to be addressed in the context of a future RES-electricity market integration between MENA and Europe. To this end, comprehensive case studies are conducted for Algeria, Egypt and Morocco.

Finally, linking the qualitative analysis to the modeling results, the costs implied by reaching the renewable energy deployment goals under different RES-E support schemes are analyzed and reflected against the case study analysis. Recommendations are derived for achieving a maximum of compatibility of different support schemes in the EU and the three countries Algeria, Egypt and Morocco.

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