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Cooperation between EU Member States under the Renewable Energy Directive and interaction with support schemes

The European Commission has launched a project led by Ecofys that aims to facilitate cooperation between Member States under the RES Directive and improvements of renewable energy support schemes. As part of this project, two comprehensive reports directed at policy makers and other interested stakeholders have been compiled, one of them led by Fraunhofer ISI:

Based on interviews with numerous Member States, the report maps out the current status of the Cooperation Mechanisms, identifies main barriers for their implementation and discusses in detail several design options that help to overcome these obstacles. Moreover, it suggests a simplified approach on how to adequately allocate cost and benefits that are related to the Cooperation Mechanisms, thereby addressing one of the main barriers for their implementation.

The report analyses the design features of feed-in tariffs (FIT), feed-in premiums (FIP), auction mechanism and quota obligations, identifying best-practice design options applied in the European Member States. The study puts an emphasis on the use and design options of auction schemes, which have been at the centre of attention in recent policy debates throughout Europe.

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