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Regional Innovation Monitor – 2nd Policy Workshop

Fraunhofer-Institut für
System- und Innovationsforschung ISI

"New Practices in Regional Innovation Policy – towards Regionally Adapted Strategies"

On the 28 October 2011 the Regional Innovation Monitor Consortium and the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry organised the Policy Workshop "New Practices in Regional Innovation Policy – towards Regionally Adapted Strategies" hosted at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.

The Regional Innovation Monitor is a European Commission funded initiative led by technopolis group Belgium, Fraunhofer ISI and Maastricht University (UNU-MERIT) that aims at providing a reference framework for the development of more effective and efficient regional innovation strategies that should contribute to the overall efforts of increasing the competitiveness of EU regions.

By organising this event, the consortium aimed to convey new perspectives, raise new questions, and advance new ideas for the development of more successful regional innovation policies. In three thematic sections addressing the topics of "smart specialisation", "demand side oriented policies", and "the role of universities in regional development", participants were presented with findings from the Regional Innovation Monitor Project as well as insights from policy practice and invited to participate actively in an exchange of opinions.

Recent Findings of the Regional Innovation Monitor Project
Jacek Walendowski / Dr. Henning Kroll

Thematic Section 1 - Smart Specialisation

Introduction to the Concept - Recent Commission Activities
Dr. Mikel Landabaso

Findings from the Project
Jacek Walendowski

Report from Policy Practice
Dr. James Wilson

Thematic Section 2 - Demand Side Oriented Policies

Findings of the Project
René Wintjes

Report from Policy Practice
Benjamin Kuscher

Thematic Section 3 - The Regional Role of Universities

Findings from the Project
Dr. Thomas Stahlecker / Dr. Henning Kroll

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